The Super Duper Kids Toy

Posted on: March 18, 2012

The Super Duper Kids Toy

What is Free Play?

Free Play is the type of play that does not have overarching rules like soccer or baseball has. Children have to make up their own rules and become more creative. Studies have shown that if you take two groups of children, where one group is playing a game with some pre-existing rules, and the other is “free playing”, the free playing group will score MUCH higher on creativity assessments.

One great article you should read about this topic was put out by Scientific American Mind called, The Serious Need For Play. It’s definitely worth reading. You can find it by doing a google search.

How Can Omagles Help Foster Free Play?

Omagles are a building tool that allow children to build almost anything, as you can see from a few examples taken from their instruction manual.

During my own childhood I sold my first glass of…

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