The Super Duper Kids Toy

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Fun and education, simplicity and creativity, safety and quality … indoors and outdoors, that is what Omagles ‘build anything’ toy stands for.

Children have a natural need to express their creativity, all year round. One particular way to do so is to build ‘things’.

Omagles has understood this children’s message and has created the ‘build anything’ toy.

Omagles stands for a large scale construction toy that makes use of pipes and connectors in order to build an unlimited variety of child size toys for climbing, riding, or just pretending.

What are we talking about? Children’s world is the answer: carts, scooters, wagons, trucks, airplanes, mills, buggies, chairs, tables, benches, book shelves, shops, (baby doll) swings, play lofts, houses, tents, boats, and so many more options … Omagles is ‘home made’ for your children’s fantasy.

‘Home made’ .. because Omagles is not only a fantastic summertime ‘outdoor’ toy, but also – because of its endless transformation abilities – a wonderful ‘all seasons’ toy for indoor as well as outdoor fun.

Because Omagles has been designed for children for ages 3 and up, it is very easy to build with: all parts are small in diameter and are held securely together with Patented Locking Clips. No tools are required, everything snaps and links together.

Omagles entertains your child while testing its limits and learning it how to develop new skills, to explore, to gain new confidence … in one way or another … the opportunity to test out all aspects of your child’s abilities.

The Omagles kit: 40 pounds of fun with up to 336 pieces!

Interested? … of course! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with:

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