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Posted on: March 19, 2012

How Can Omagles Help Foster Free Play?
Omagles are a building tool that allow children to build almost anything, as you can see from a few examples taken from their instruction manual.
During my own childhood I sold my first glass of lemonade from a lemonade cart I made out of Omagles. My brother built his first stage which he performed on (he’s now a professonal magician for the Ringling Brothers). And we even built a replica of the old Gladiator shooter challenge and obstacle course.
Basically the opportunities are endless.
Whether you’ve got a little “princess” who wants to build a castle, with a draw bridge, and then have her little brother err… Knight In Shining armor ward off the evil Dragon… or build race cars to race down a hill, or a thousand other ideas, Omagles give your child the foundation for creating it all.
Omagles are the truly perfect toy for Free Play.

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